Learn a proven method to get brand new dancers hooked on WCS in 15 minutes, enjoy their first social dance, and sign up for classes 

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First impressions are everything!

When someone expresses interest in learning West Coast Swing,
you want to make sure you give them the best possible initiation to the dance, right?

But there are so many ways that initial experience could go wrong,
and you risk losing their interest:

  • They could get overwhelmed with too much information
  • They could get frustrated because they can’t “get it” immediately
  • They could feel intimidated and think they aren’t good enough to join in
  • They could get the wrong impression and think it’s not for them
  • As a teacher, you don’t want to waste this opportunity!

    You want them to have a positive experience
    so they are inspired and motivated to sign up for classes!

    Get our proven formula

    Want to know exactly what to teach to set them up for success so you can “seal the deal”?

    This is what you’ll get in the WCS Teachers’ New Student Initiation Challenge!

    Over 5 days, we’ll teach you exactly how we use progressive skill development to teach a brand new dancer (one-to-one) enough real West Coast Swing in 15 minutes so they can survive and thrive at their first social dance, and get hooked enough to sign up for classes.

    Complete all 5 days of challenges to access prizes:

    Grand Prize:
    Full scholarship for the $2000
     Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program!
    10 of the top points earners will win:
    A private 45-minute online TEACHER coaching & strategy session with Myles & Tessa

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