By registering as an “Affiliate”, when customers you refer click on your customized referral link or mention your name at checkout to purchase certain products or courses, you will get a referral commission:

Examples of some referral fees you earn:

  • Deck of Drills: $20 per deck
  • Swing Literacy Development Programs: 10% ($150-$600)

On the Affiliate Area page, you will be able to view your referrals and track your accumulating credit.

Once you accumulate enough credit, you can use your referral credit to apply towards paying for your Swing Literacy tuition at checkout.

Affiliate Area

Welcome to your Affiliate Area. Here you can view stats on your account using the orange tabs below.

The Creatives tab is where you can find logos and images to use. Be sure to use your affiliate URL when linking them.

Customers who don’t use/know your affiliate link will also be able to simply select your name from a drop-down box upon checkout, and you will still get credit.

Your current referral credit balance: [affiliate_store_credit]