Special one-time solo workshop with Myles & Tessa

Blues Grooves

Juicy Footwork for WCS Blues

1 hour recorded workshop

Want to dance better WCS to Blues songs?

Do You...

  1. 1
    Feel awkward or out-of-place when a Blues song comes on?
  2. 2
    Realize your contemporary WCS skills don’t seem to work well to Blues music?
  3. 3
    Admire dancers who seem to float on air with crazy legs and feet?
  4. 4
    Wish you could “speak the language” with partners who are good at WCS Blues?

You need to train your Blues Grooves!

Grooving is using repetitive body actions or steps to illustrate rhythms and accents in the music.  

For dancing WCS to medium and fast Blues music, the grooving is primarily lower body: footwork and legwork syncopations, variations, shapes, and rhythms.

Smart WCS dancers recognize that since Blues is a major historical influence in West Coast Swing history, studying it and mastering it is a cultural essential (and competitive advantage!)

If you train your Blues Groovin' skills:

  • you'll develop faster, more agile feet that can keep up with faster tempos
  • you'll get swung rhythm in your body so you can better match the music
  • you can feel more versatile and confident when Blues songs come on
  • as a competitor, you'll be taken more seriously as a well-rounded dancer who respects the history of dance.

Blues Grooves

speciality workshop with Myles & Tessa

How This Workshop Can Help Your WCS

In this 1 hour workshop, Myles and Tessa will guide you through progressive footwork agility drills to build a collection of small, practical, versatile footwork combos for medium and fast Blues music.

We explain why you should study Blues footwork rhythms 

Respecting the African-American roots of the WCS music and movement we use today, we will include relevant historical references so you can understand the purpose and significance of footwork rhythms.

We break down exactly how you can build footwork grooving skills

Experience how we use a progressive skill development method to build footwork skills more effectively, so you can improve them faster and use them in your dance, then learn how you can train them on your own.

We guide you through 10 practical footwork combos for WCS to Blues music

You will get guided instruction through at least 10 footwork combos inspired by Shag, Tap, and Vernacular Jazz that you can use immediately in your solo or Blues WCS dancing.

Sneak Preview

We've been working with thousands of dancers online in our Swing Literacy challenges, Bootcamps, and coaching programs. Here's a sample of the type of content from our last speciality workshop, You Gotta Groove. While that one was all about body pulse, Blues Grooves will focus on lower body movement.

About Myles & Tessa

Canadian Champions and Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe are West Coast Swing veterans who are known for their versatility, athleticism, and authentic character of Swing.

As master teachers and ambassadors of WCS, they have been touring internationally for 19 years, teaching, judging, and performing, and leading the Showcase division.

Myles & Tessa have studied over 60 dance styles, both solo and partnered, vintage and modern. Besides West Coast Swing, they are passionate about the history of Blues music and enjoy crossing over into LindyHop, Balboa, and Blues dance. The are co-directors of the ultimate multi-Swing crossover event, the Canadian Swing Championships.

Since 2009, they have been teaching online comprehensive WCS training programs for teachers and dancers. The Blues Grooves workshop is a tiny sample of their signature Swing Literacy development method they use to help students #trainWCSsmarter. 

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