4 New Variations

You can use the same process you just learned to analyze ANY new variation you want to add to or improve in your repertoire.

To give you more examples and practice, here are 4 bonus variations to try analyzing in Discovering stage. Remember, the objective is to build your skills in analyzing their qualities, prefixes, and suffixes.

Applying variations to pattern flow

Now it's time to play with these new toys, by repeating the same activities from this stage with these new variations. This time will go faster because you know exactly what to do!

As you did already in Automating Styling Flow:

  1. Analyze these new variations
  2. Assemble the puzzle - experiment with combining them with any other variations
  3. Practice them with random travel (Bee Drill & HappyBirthday drill)
  4. Test how you can integrate them into pattern flow

Use the same Studying New Styling Variations worksheet:

  • To add more variations to the table, just right-click in the last row and select "Insert More Rows".
  • Alternately, you could highlight the whole table and copy-paste it below the original table.

Remember, the main goal of this theme is to focus on integrating these variations into pattern flow, not to perfect your execution of the variation. Be sure to prioritize flow over precision.

Remember to follow the process outlined in your stage. When you think you are ready to move to the next stage, consult the "How to Progress" page at the end of your stage.