Dancer Stability Workshop

Improve pain, posture and balance

to dance better, longer.

Hosted by Myles & Tessa

Feel more balanced in your West Coast Swing
and get to the source of dance pain

Do you...

  • Have persistent pain (such as in the ankle, hips, shoulder, etc.) when dancing?
  • Experience inconsistent balance during turns, spins and weight-transfers?
  • Feel like you’re constantly being tugged around the dance floor?
  • Have muscles that always feel “tight”, despite how much you stretch?
  • Often receive the same feedback regarding your posture, frame or shoulder position? 

If so, it sounds like...

Your STABILITY is holding you back from getting the dance you want.

You need to resolve these deeper issues first in order to access and implement all the great WCS skills you're trying to learn.

Dancers of any level, like all athletes, require strength and conditioning to prepare the body for the unique physical demands of dancing. 

Instability, weakness or improper muscle activation often shows up for dancers as:

  • Chronic pain during or after dancing
  • Preventable injuries
  • The same muscles constantly feeling “tight”
  • Guarding/protecting certain joints
  • Feeling out of control or off balance
  • Improper posture
  • Feeling “heavy” to your partner

When it comes to teaching and training WCS smarter, we’ve got you covered. But deeper issues like this call for a professional who specializes in them, so we are excited to introduce to you, Coach Gabriel Shaw, Practicing Kinesiologist and fellow Westie!

The Dancer Stability Workshop

with Coach Gabriel Shaw

Practicing Kinesiologist (and fellow Westie!)

June 17 at 6pm  or  June 20 at 10:30am

Online Zoom Meeting  ~   Vancouver time (GMT-7)

$29CAD: You get access to identical content on both days live & lifetime access to watch the recordings.

How This Workshop Can Help Your WCS

In this 90 minute active and interactive workshop, 

Coach Gabriel will guide you through exercises to:

Relieve Stiffness & Pain

Integrating the whole body 

Enhance your ability to move from your “core”

Myofascial release

Help yourself loosen up tissues that feel “stuck”

Improve Balance & Alignment

Correcting posture

Strengthen the upper back and shoulders.  

Waking up dormant muscles

Learn to engage essential muscles with less effort

Access Better Control & Timing

Ankle stability

Improve your ability to articulate and weight-shift.

Hip stability

Strengthen tight muscles, improve balance and direction changes.

Sneak Preview

We (Myles & Tessa) have collaborated with practicing Kinesiologist and fellow Westie, Coach Gabriel Shaw to produce a special workshop addressing the stability issues that prevent Westies from accessing the technique and style they are trying to do in their dance.

Here is a short preview of a conditioning exercise Gabriel teaches to help improve your connection and prevent shoulder injuries.

About Coach Gabriel

Kinesiologist (BCAK), Clinical Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist (CSEP)

Gabriel Shaw is a practicing Kinesiologist (BCAK), Clinical Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist (CSEP) with over ten years in health and wellness, plus experience in many modalities including: kinetic link training, tai chi, martial arts, dance, running, myofascial release, yoga, qigong and meditation.

In addition to seeing clients for active rehab and integrated personal training, he also teaches group classes for exercise, tai chi, swing dance and kids' jiu-jitsu. In his sessions you can expect: full-body integrative exercises, joint durability/prehab, breath work, movement education and an evidence-based approach.

What you can expect

  • This workshop will be instructional and interactive! To get the most out of the course, come ready to exercise. 
  • Each exercise will be demonstrated and then you’ll get a couple minutes to try it out and ask questions. 
  • You will be provided with resources for practicing the exercises at home. 
  • We will save time at the end for general kinesiology or conditioning questions.

*This workshop is for general educational purposes only, and is not intended for individual medical advice. For personalized exercise prescription, try a private session.*


You get access to both dates:

June 17 6pm & June 20 10:30am (Vancouver time)

(identical content in each)

plus the recordings and homework PDF

To get the most from this workshop, make sure to have the following:

  • Space (enough for a slot or a few paces)
  • If you would like feedback, set up a full body camera angle
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Resistance band, elastic (theraband) or both.
  • Place to attach an exercise band, such as door anchor (recommended)
  • Dumbbells or weights (optional)

If you don’t have a piece of equipment, you can still benefit from the workshop! Alternatives and resources will be provided for future use. 

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