Learn Modern Swing dance
this Easter weekend

Get started with this slick, dynamic, improvised partner dance with an accelerated method that will have you learning fast and having fun immediately so you can join in the party!


Saturday, April 8
@ Hyatt Bellevue

Wanna enjoy good music and meet good humans?

Want something to get you off the couch but not too serious?

Wanna feel more confident on the dance floor?

Want something fun to do with friends and dates?

...then you're going to LOVE this...

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a modern version of Swing dancing, done to contemporary and classic Pop, R&B, Funk, and Blues. 

It's a social dance you do with a partner,
BUT you don't need to BYO partner -
it's more common to show up solo and switch partners each song.

No traditional role requirement here -
feel free to dance as a leader or a follower (and many learn to switch!) 

West Coast Swing is known for being the most equitable partner dance:  both partners have freedom to express themselves and contribute to the dance.

It's like skiing: you don't need to be amazing or competitive in order to enjoy yourself - you just need to learn a few essential skills and the rules of the game, then you can dance with anyone!

Here's what you can expect to look like after just a few classes:

and this is the perfect time to learn!

Get a live crash course in West Coast Swing

...for FREE!

Join us for the 

Beginner WCS Bootcamp

a 3-hour introductory crash course in West Coast Swing

Saturday April 8 
@ Hyatt Bellevue

  • Get the strongest start possible to learn this amazing dance 
  • Learn skills you need to have fun immediately
  • Get a taste of the classes and dance community
  • Meet lots of new people just starting to learn too!

What's included

The Beginner WCS Bootcamp is like an event-inside-an-event: it's hosted by the Seattle Swing Dance Club, as part of their annual West Coast Swing weekend convention, "Easter Swing", which welcomes 900+ people of all skill levels to the Bellevue Hyatt over Easter weekend.

3 hours of instruction from world Champion teachers 

Spectator pass to the Saturday evening shows to watch top performers LIVE

Access to the biggest social dance party of the year so you can dance the night away

Relaxed practice session and meet & greet with friendly local dancers & teachers 

Complimentary pizza & snacks in the hospitality suite after the workshop

Guided tour of the event and dance space to help you feel more comfortable joining in


A "Beginner Passport" card good for free first-time admission to all social dance parties in the Greater Seattle area (value $72), so you can come dancing after the weekend is over!

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Saturday, April 8
Hyatt Recency Bellevue

3:30-6:30pm Introduction to West Coast Swing workshop

6:30-7 Dance practice/ meet & greet with local dancers and teachers
7-7:30pm Complimentary pizza in the hospitality suite
7:30pm Guided tour of the dance space, party starts!
8:30pm Shows begin

I attended the Beginner Bootcamp and man oh man were there a lot of people! I've worked events and facilitated and I was SO AMAZINGLY IMPRESSED with everyone's ability to manage the crowd and teach. A+++++ I've been taking WCS for 8 weeks so I'm a beginner and the 3 hours I spent were so dang useful! I walked away learning everything and then some. My classes definitely laid the foundation, but this was a fabulous workshop to allow people who knew ZERO to walk into social dancing (AKA a friend I dragged with me). I would 100% attend a Beginner Bootcamp again if I attended an upcoming event to continue to refine my skills and practice. -Bootcamper, 2023


Do I need a partner to sign up with?
Nope! There will be a mix of couples and singles. No partner required.

Do I have to switch partners?
WCS is a social dance, meaning everyone dances with everyone for one song at a time, so you switch partners constantly during the class. But if you have specific concerns, you can stay together if necessary.

What material will the workshop cover?
The two rhythms used for WCS, the 6 basic patterns, plus the essential skills you need to have FUN in the social dance party that night. These will lay a super strong foundation that will set you up for success in your first set of classes.

What if I am an experienced dancer but new to WCS?
We are excited to welcome you! This workshop will be a nice express way to convert your existing skills and learn the rules of the WCS game.

What if I have two left feet?
Then this is perfect for you! Everyone has to start somewhere! You will be among a few hundred new dancers who feel the same way you do.

What should I wear?
Dress casual, no need to be formal. You'll want to choose something you can raise your arms in comfortably. It's a good idea to bring a second shirt to change into just in case you get too sweaty. Ladies tend to wear pants, not skirts, and flats are better than heels. 
Shoes: any that are not too bulky or grippy. 

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You're in good hands

Canadian Champions Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe., use their signature Swing Literacy Development Method, which helps dancers learn WCS faster, better, and easier than traditional partner dance classes by using a progressive skills-first approach.

This means you will "get it" sooner, have more fun sooner, and really feel like you're dancing and not just marching through patterns & steps. Dancer trained in this method progress faster, are more "fluent" in the dance, and are better able to learn more skills and moves from any source.



Kickstart Package

Stay to the end of the workshop and we'll send you a FREE package of resources to help you get started in the West Coast Swing community! 

  1. A recap video of the most important notes from this Beginner Bootcamp
  2. 60-min instructional video filled with helpful tips and drills to improve your connection ($35 value)
  3. A series of more tips to help you learn more efficiently and have more fun dancing
  4. A playlist of WCS music and videos to inspire you, curated for beginners

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