Master the stretch you need to make every anchor and direction change smooth, gooey, and efficient with any partner.

with West Coast Swing Champions and Master Teachers
Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe

Free 8-day

Elasticity Challenge

for West Coast Swing

May 1-8

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Want a powerful way to help get the best connection you've ever had... in 8 days.... for free?

Our past Challenges have seen over 5600 dancers of all levels from 38 countries see massive differences in their dancing, in just ONE WEEK - all online!

For this challenge, we're focusing on the 


You know, that "&a1" that everyone agrees is SUPER important for WCS,
but seems really hard to pinpoint, perfect, and time properly,
especially with less-skilled partners?

Guess what? We've got a way you can #trainWCSsmarter and fix this once and for all!

Over these 8 Challenge days, we prescribe 34+ drills in a strategic progressive order that build your momentum and elasticity skills so you can get that coveted gooey stretch - even with partners who are missing this skill.

This leads to:

  • Better grounding, timing, and flow in the dance
  • Partners almost immediately feeling easier to dance with
  • Fewer injuries to the shoulder, back, and bicep
  • Patterns you have done for years suddenly feeling more smooth and efficient
  • Partners enjoying dancing with you more !

This training has consistently produced partnership breakthroughs for just about every student at every level.

Complete all 8 days of challenges to

access prizes

Grand Prize:
Full scholarship for the $1500
 Swing Literacy Dancer Development Program!
Top points earners have a chance to win:
A private 45-minute online coaching & strategy session
with Myles & Tessa
VIP Discounts for the Dancer Development Program
Elastic Ambassador t-shirt!

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What level is this for?
Because elasticity is a fundamental skill, it applies to all levels. We will show you how to adjust the difficulty level of each drill.

I'm busy the week of May 1-8. Can I do it later?
Sorry, no. This is a free pop-up Challenge we only offer once or twice a year, so take advantage of it as much as you can - it'll be worth it!

How much time will it take?
Each daily video is less than 15 minutes. Then practicing your daily challenge will take about another 15 minutes, which you can spread out throughout your day. 

Do I need a partner?
Not for the daily Challenge drills. (You'll be surprised how much progress we can help you make solo!) But you will definitely want to try them out on a partner at the end of the Challenge week!

When are the classes?
There are no classes: Each day for 8 days, you will receive an email with the drills for that day for you to practice. In the Challenge Facebook group, we will be providing daily free interactive feedback and coaching to help you maximize your results and get to the finish line!

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