Master your weight transfers so you can move in any direction, at any speed, with confidence and control!

with West Coast Swing Champions and Master Teachers
Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe

Free 7-day

Footwork Agility Challenge

August 9-15

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Want a powerful way to get your footwork back stronger than before the pandemic... for free?

This is the Challenge which has had over 3400 dancers join from around the world see massive differences in their dancing, without partner, in just 7 days - all online!

In this 7-day challenge, we prescribe 34 drills in a strategic progressive order that build your skills so you get better at dancing ALL the patterns and styling variations you can dream up.

This leads to greater agility, balance, grounding, weight transfer control and has consistently produced quality-of-movement breakthroughs for just about every student at every level.

Complete all 7 days of challenges to access prizes:

Grand Prize:
Full scholarship for the $1500
 Swing Literacy Dancer Development Program!
10 of the top points earners will win:
A private 45-minute online coaching & strategy session 
with Myles & Tessa

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