Keep your style. Transform your Teaching.

Teachers need and deserve quality training

Teachers' workshops help a little,
but this is not a typical teachers' workshop.

This progressive 3-hour mini-intensive features select Swing Literacy topics
designed to revolutionize and reinvigorate your teaching.

Swing Literacy is a universally applicable teaching system that delivers the underestimated foundations of dance in the most effective order to improve students' success and retention regardless of their chosen style.

This revolutionary method takes traditional dance teaching turns it upside down, prioritizing skill development over patterns and footwork and delivering it with real pedagogical best practices.

The results? Teachers finally see the big picture, and how they can help students "get it" quicker, have more fun sooner, and build solid skills that progress them faster. After the clinic, teachers wonder how they have survived this long teaching without this method.

This hands-on, cutting edge clinic literally changes the game of teaching WCS.

In every Clinic:

  • How to use the science of learning to help students experience success sooner and have more fun
  • How to teach the fundamental skills (before pattern) of WCS in ways that keep students engaged and entertained
  • How to sequence your material to create a more efficient learning progression
  • How to train your students to crave technique instead of whining for more patterns they can never remember anyway 
  • How to thoroughly teach all layers of a skill, not just where to move and when
  • How to use proven pedagogical techniques, tactics, and strategies to make your classes more magnetic and fun! Rotating Topics:

  • How to teach fundamental techniques of WCS such as footwork, turning, and connection in a logical, sequential, and motivating way
  • Grow your classes from the inside out: How to foster a positive and enthusiastic spiral of growth in your community 
  • Progressive Skill Development: How to teach the building blocks inside the patterns so students learn faster
  • Deliver Feedback Smarter: with more clarity, less confusion, more impact, and affecting permanent change
  • The Newcomer Retention Formula: How to keep and grow new dancers beyond their first class
  • Troubleshooting: How to troubleshoot & actually fix common student errors 

What teachers have to say

Right after I took the Game Changer Teachers' Clinic, I started to apply just a tiny chunk of what was discussed and... bingo! It was a Game Changer right away for my students.
Yassssss!!! Awesome teachers course... I highly suggest you take it!!! ???

Lara Deni

Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe's Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program helps communities grow by enabling teachers to communicate concepts to students better.  The Game Changer Teachers' Clinic is a great way to get a taste. Continuing education for teachers is so important! 

Paul Diffendaffer

As a Swing Literacy alum, I took the Game Changer Teachers' Clinic as a refresher, and so glad I did. It reinforced my belief in the methods and the importance of giving students the fundamental movement skills they need to execute a move before teaching the move. Also, the importance of making instruction FUN and simple! I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their teaching skills in WCS and any dance!! 

Melissa McRobbie-Toll

One piece of the puzzle

Rather than a stand-alone workshop, the Game Changer Teachers Clinic is one piece of the puzzle in the world's most comprehensive West Coast Swing teacher certification program.

Teachers earn credit for attending that can be applied to their Swing Literacy Teacher certification.

Teachers complete their certification through the Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program.

Take it further. Get the whole story. Get certified.

The Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program is a comprehensive online course that trains you to use new methods to transform and accelerate how your students learn WCS.  

Start online, anytime, anywhere. 

The TDP is our signature training program and WCS curriculum that helps diligent, passionate WCS teachers use sport science and learning science to help students progress better, faster, and easier and fall in love with learning WCS.

This 60-hour 100% online course with top Champion master teachers consists of multimedia coursework and practical application assignments.

The progressive WCS curriculum you've been looking for
The structure your students need to grow 

The coaching you need to grow your practice

Judge Training for Teachers

Teachers are usually asked to judge competitions. But judging requires a different skillset than teaching. Many teachers have been surviving judging for years using educated guessing and opinions based on experience, mainly because of lack of access to formal training in evaluation skills.

It's time to take judging more seriously and give these professionals access to this formal training.

This 4-hour version of the Game Changer Teachers Clinic adds essential yet hard-to-find movement analysis, assessment, and evaluation skills essential for judging.

We go beyond the opinions and administrative duties and teach the higher-order skill of evaluating movement so that judges can feel confident being accountable for their decisions.

  • How to analyze, assess, and evaluate competitors' movement
  • Exactly what criteria to evaluate in each J&J division, and how
  • How to accurately & efficiciently evaluate prelims vs finals vs spotlights