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Inside the Bootcamp bubble, people get results. That's because it's not just the Core Modules - it's the intentional blend of training PLUS encouragement, feedback, support, and community - all crafted to produce an experience that motivates, inspires, and pulls you toward your goals.

But here's the problem. When students venture out on their own, progress becomes much slower. People lose focus, get easily discouraged or distracted, and worst case, lose the momentum and progress they built - all because they are no longer in an environment designed for success. 

So we’ve created something to support you in implementing, practicing, and progressing your Swing Literacy skills... help you keep your momentum.

We hear you...

  • You want to take your time to review, absorb, and implement the your Swing Literacy material.
  • You want guidance to continue the progress you started 
  • You want to feel like you are getting credit for the improvement you make and feel like you are making constant progress 
  • You want a training system to give you a clear sense of focus and direction
  • You want a consistent feedback system to confirm your efforts and course-correct when necessary
  • You want an accountability system to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated
  • You realize the value of the Swing Literacy learning community

The DDP Core Modules were your foundation.

Now we're going to give you the blueprint to build and renovate the rest of your WCS house.

I don't consider myself to have really learned WCS until I started Momentum. It totally changed the way I dance. - Robert French

"I feel that I have made more progress in my dance over these last few months versus anything that I have done before."  - Robert Kosieniak

"Now I can train smarter and am more motivated to continue." - Alicia Blick

I joined Momentum as soon as I was eligible and I am super glad that I did. "Momentum" is the perfect name for the club.  Momentum keeps me moving forward with my development in a pace that I couldn't have hoped for - it is phenomenal!  I'm making progress faster than I would have imagined.  Five stars, highly recommend. - Richard Stewart

I now feel more confident and more in control: more assertive now that I understand what's possible, and how to ask for more." - B Tarbell

"I am now even more dedicated with my practice to develop my dance skills. I improved in my ability to listen to and respond to feedback about my dancing. I learned how I can elevate, give/receive feedback, and contribute to my local dance community."  - Julie Mondz-Kleinman

"I have new movement ideas to help with creativity and ability to play/communicate with the people I dance with, and I have a better understanding of the history and ideas to help develop our local dance scene." - Kristen Roberts

What is Momentum made of?


Get training in 7 essential areas of your West Coast Swing:

Spend a whole month deep-diving into a hot topic

Now that you have the foundation of Swing Literacy, we can circle back and spend more time diving into each skill with more time, and guide you as you finish the rest of the DDP.

And since you now have a fundamental understanding of how to #tranWCSsmarter, we can help you improve so much faster, with so much less effort.

Under each training track, we deliver "themes": a package of training (like a mini-course, but less theory and more action)

In a theme, we expand on a select topics within the DDP, giving you all the juicy details you've been craving and a complete blueprint to practice them.

Each theme will use the DDP material as a base, so you will have a guide directing you how to practice as you review it or complete it for the first time.

There are over 22 themes waiting for you, and a new theme is released every month or two.

Work at your own pace through 5 stages of development:






In the Bootcamp you got a taste of the power of progressive skill development. In Momentum, we direct you exactly what to do to work on each skill, depending on what stage of development you're in of that skill.

We take each month’s theme and break it down into stages with projects tailored for each stage and quick self-assessment to help you decide which stage to start in.

What's awesome is that while many of you will be working on different stages of a theme, everyone will be working on the same theme at the same time... so no matter your skill level, you are all a part of the Momentum family.

But if you want to spend more time on a certain theme, no problem! There's no such thing as "behind" in Momentum.

And if you have time, you can always work simultaneously on a secondary theme at the same time, using the blueprint as your guide.


Our online learning community is pretty damn amazing. Swing Literacy students from all over the world sharing a common learning language, pushing each other to step outside of their comfort zones, training ugly, and offer consented, educated feedback. 

Not to mention celebrating successes, sharing inspiration, and leveraging each others' learning experiences... Momentum is the space where this will live going forward - where all the feedback and juicy conversations will be. Where you can hang out with your Momentum family. 

And it starts right away - we set you up with a MoMentor to help you get started and integrated into the community so you can feel supported and welcome immediately! 



In Momentum, we channel your focus on one theme per month or two, and give you all the coaching, support, and resources you need to complete the project in that theme, at whatever stage of development you're in.

You'll get 2 sets of live coaching calls per month where we dive deeper into the theme of the month and do Q&A on the projects. This will allow us to do more feedback coaching as a group and provide more details on how to take your skills to the next level on the ladder.

You'll also get monthly Westie Workouts: follow-along videos on solo drills to music so you can work on your personal movement and musicality.


In Momentum, you earn credits for completing learning activities and each project-of-the-month. 

This means you have a concrete way to measure your progress that has nothing to do with competitions

Plus, you get credit for your improvement in each skill, based on how much you learn and apply to your dance.

With credits, you can earn access to exclusive coaching, special workshops, personal assessments, and more! 

With Momentum, you figure out where you stand on the ladder of difficulty and start moving up the ladder systematically.  When you get stuck, you know exactly what you need to work on to get your body ready for the next movement.  If you feel stuck in your dance progress of if you feel like you might have missed a few things along the way that make more advanced moves hard for you, check this out!!!

Renee Kusler

Bootcamp exposes you to all the aspects of what it takes to become a great dancer. It’s a mile wide program that gives you a basic understanding of the moves, techniques, and topics. But Momentum is a deep dive into those moves, techniques, topics. Here you get to explore and deepen your understanding of your movements and *how* to achieve the outcome you desire.

Dana Terhune

 What I like about Momentum is that it's more than a class -- it's an approach to WCS that builds on fundamentals in a systematic way. The pre/post videos help me see exactly where I'm stuck and how I'm making progress. And if I'm stuck, the coaching calls and FB videos give the detail I need to move past any stuck point. The combination of information, skill-building, and demonstration is really amazing.

Pat LaDouceur

Let's review what you get:

  • A complete blueprint to guide you in your WCS progress
  • Laddered progressions for all the skills in 7 training tracks
  • Live coaching from master teachers to get feedback as you go
  • Focused theme projects that are relevant to your development
  • A tracking system to get credit for your improvement 
  • Inclusion in a kickass online learning community
  • An organized library of training materials to support your learning
  • Monthly Westie Workouts to train your solo dance and musicality skills

More Member Perks

Better Conditioning

A conditioning training library with resident kinesiologist Gabriel Shaw, plus 25% off any customized trainings too

Discounts on Intensives

Momentum members get preferred discounts on our in=person Swing Literacy Intensives

Free Specialty Workshops

Momentum members get free access to all the public speciality workshops and their archived recordings

Private Events

At events, we often host meet & greets for Momentum members & their families

...and more as we dream them up!

Get a sneak peek!

Here's a 9-minute tour inside Momentum so you can see exactly what to expect and how it will improve your dancing more quickly & effectively

The Momentum prescription

No matter what you skills struggle with in your West Coast Swing, we've built you a way to leverage the DDP with a blueprint fix and upgrade them! 

If you want to improve your... these Momentum themes

  • Sluggish feet
  • Poor timing and/or balance
  • Rhythms or syncopations
  • Turning, Pivoting, Balancing, Spinning
  • Marching, clunky, footwork
  • Foot rolling or footwork quality/precision
  • Blues or Swung Rhythm (rolling count) both in music and in your body
  • Hearing and predicting music.
  • Hearing and planning phrasing 
  • Reaction time for hitting accents
  • Hesitant or insecure about Anchor & Stretch.
  • Compensating for partners who are missing these.
  • Contributing ideas or listening to partners'.
  • Invitation leads & compensation tactics
  • Stability in leading/following turns
  • Getting lost/losing connection through the middle of patterns.
  • Feeling square/boring in patterns.
  • Missing leads in the middle of patterns 
  • Wanting more dynamic & musical partnering
  • Structuring practice, getting into a habit, being consistent

  • Feeling not good enough in general
  • Too shy to post 
  • Too self-conscious to express while dancing
  • Feeling or looking square and robotic or restricted
  • Don't know what to do with your free arm
  • Implementing specific styling variations into social dancing
  • Not sure where/when styling appropriate in general 
  • Not sure what kind of styling to use in specific patterns

Sorry, Momentum is closed for this launch.

We'll let you know when we are ready to open to the next group.

Just in case you're on the fence...

Another huge perk...

Are you ready?

The next time we run a Bootcamp....

Momentum members get the Bootcamp for free.

What Momentum members have to say

What makes Momentum different from Bootcamp... and so worth it?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this pricing available?

Enrolment is only open until July 6 at 11:59pm. Then we are closing the doors to Momentum so everyone can start on the same page, and we probably won't open them again for another 6-12 months. After that, the prices will likely go up, so now's your chance!

What's going to happen in the first month?

Well, compared to the Bootcamp, it's going to feel like a well-deserved break! We're going to use it to give you time to get oriented to the new website, the Momentum coaching calls, and the new Facebook group.

After completing Orientation, your first theme is Effective Practice Habits where we're going to help you get organized to practice more effectively at whatever stage you're in with whatever content you already know (so you don't have to worry about collecting new material if you are feeling overwhelmed).

After you finish Effective Practice Habits, you'll have full access to Momentum where you can dig in and improve your dancing in soooo many different ways! Feel free to jump in any of our modules and focus on something you are passionate about improving in your dancing right now, or follow along with our monthly guided themes and let us guide you on exactly what and when to practice.

How will feedback work in Momentum?

Feedback from M&T will be delivered regularly on the Live Coaching Calls in the form of spotlight critiques, hotseat coaching, tactical troubleshooting, etc. We will be guiding members as they practice their growing feedback analysis skills to leverage others' coaching feedback for their own dancing.

Certain projects involve posting videos in the group, which will include additional feedback provided on individual videos.

Plus, by completing projects and activities, members can earn credits towards exclusive group coaching sessions, private coaching, and personal assessments.

Can I switch from monthly to annual or vice versa?

Yes, you can upgrade to annual or downgrade to monthly anytime.

When will the live coaching calls happen?

Twice a month: Every 2nd and 4th Sunday (11:30am) & Monday (6pm) - Vancouver time. You have access to ALL the calls, we are just offering them two at a time so members in every time zone have a chance to participate live. We are allowing ourselves a 90min window for each call.

What happens to our access if our subscription stops?

If for whatever reason you stop your subscription, you will lose access to all the Momentum content. All the progress you gained will be stored in your Account so when you want to re-start, you will be able to pick up where you left off at the current member pricing.

How will we determine what stage we are in?

Remember each theme is different. At the beginning of each Theme-of-the-month, there will be a series of questions to help you determine which stage you should be working on in that skill, so you can make a guided, educated guess on the best place to jump in. Don't worry, this will be thoroughly explained in the Orientation inside Momentum.