Learn a proven method to get brand new dancers hooked on WCS in 15 minutes, enjoy their first social dance, and sign up for classes 

How to Teach WCS in 15 minutes

So new students get hooked and come back

A mini-course for 

West Coast Swing teachers

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First impressions are everything!

When someone expresses interest in learning West Coast Swing,
you want to make sure you give them the best possible initiation to the dance, right?

But there are so many ways that initial experience could go wrong,
and you risk losing their interest:

  • They could get overwhelmed with too much information
  • They could get frustrated because they can’t “get it” immediately
  • They could feel intimidated and think they aren’t good enough to join in
  • They could get the wrong impression and think it’s not for them
  • As a teacher, you don’t want to waste this opportunity!

    You want them to have a positive experience
    so they are inspired and motivated to sign up for classes!

    Get our proven formula

    Want to know exactly what to teach to set them up for success so you can “seal the deal”?

    In this short multi-media course, we’ll teach you exactly how we use progressive skill development to teach a brand new dancer (one-to-one) enough real West Coast Swing in 15 minutes so they can survive and thrive at their first social dance, and get hooked enough to sign up for classes.

    This mini-course is based off the 5-day Teachers' Challenge you may remember from August 2021. It includes all the resources and videos from the Challenge.

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    Limited Time Offer: If the button above is no longer available, you can always purchase the mini-course here

    An educator's review

    Heidi dezell

    I recently completed Myles & Tessa’s “How to Teach WCS in 15 minutes” and wanted to give my feedback. As a longtime member of the WCS community, I also have a degree in education and spent almost 20 years in Educational Technology. I know how difficult it is to create content for an online platform that is not just e-text or a video demonstration, neither of which are educationally beneficial to most people. 

    This program is refreshingly different. It incorporates sound teaching techniques in both the design and in the delivery of the material. Videos are scattered throughout the program at different points in different lessons, sometimes introducing a concept and sometimes as a summary. Teaching strategies such as KWL and Scaffolding are used to help the learner. Content is delivered in short, easy to digest chunks with clear instructions on how to complete simple tasks that will move your learning along. 

    The program introduces and encourages teaching dance through an exploratory/discovery method…. all while using the same exploratory/discovery method to teach you how to teach! With almost 20 years of experience working with educational technology (McGraw, Pearson, Blackboard, etc), I can honestly say that this is an incredibly well-designed program, and I can’t wait to start the next series!