Special summer upgrade
with Myles & Tessa

for Freshman* and Sophomore** dancers

July at Dance Vancouver Studio

Wanna get more creative in your WCS?

Want to know exactly how to practice?

Wanna get a roadmap for your WCS?

Summer's a great time to reset and try new things.

This LEVELUP package is for dancers who are ready to level up their musical styling and explore what's next for their dance.

*Freshman = you started taking WCS classes between 2 and 12 months ago.
**Sophomore = you have been taking WCS classes for more than 12 months.

Free Your Dance

Musicality workshops 6-7pm @ DVS
Choose ANY:
July 9, 16, or 23

In each class, Myles & Tessa will guide you through practical musicality and movement drills that will "colour in" any pattern in your repertoire. You'll learn:

  • How you can do more styling without feeling inhibited OR being reckless
  • How to preserve your partnership connection while still expressing yourself 
  • How to enjoy being musical even with partners who are missing skills
  • How to respect the rules of the WCS while learning to bend them

Each class will cover unique content: no repetition and no progression from week to week (easier to schedule around holidays!)


Private Lesson & Game Plan

July only. Not included in the Free Your Dance workshops.

Want to know where you stand and what’s possible for your West Coast Swing?

In a 30 minute 1:1 lesson, we'll assess your skills and design a Game Plan for your WCS that will help you gain clarity of:

  • exactly where you are now
  • what your dance could look like
  • exactly what to prioritize next (depending on your goals) to improve the most efficiently

So you can start on a more efficient progress path now, and plan ahead for your next steps!

What level is this for?

You must be able to comfortably dance all 6 basic patterns plus inside and outside turns. We will be providing variations of every drill and game to challenge each level of dancer. 

This series is NOT for beginner dancers. If you have never partner danced before, or you are in your first few months of partner dancing, we recommend taking classes or private lessons here: SwingSoul Beginners

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Location: Dance Vancouver Studio: 1627 W. Broadway at Fir

More about Myles & Tessa

Partners for 20 years, Myles & Tessa have dominated the Showcase division and compete at the highest level in improvised competition. They also teach workshops, train teachers, judge and perform on the global circuit.

Tessa has been professionally practicing physical education, movement analysis, and pedagogy for the past 30 years, in the context of multiple sports and dance styles, with degrees in both Kinesiology and Education.

Myles has a lifetime of dance background, including classical solo dance training, Ballroom, Salsa, Theatre Arts, and 6 UCWDC World Championship titles. along with being classically trained and studying the inner workings of over 20 different dances.

They are creators of a teaching methodology called Swing Literacy which uses the science of learning to help dancers learn WCS faster and train smarter. They specialize in training dance teachers to do use it too, and tour globally delivering this system.