It's time for your annual tune up!

June is LevelUp month, where we offer a mini-series of intense
West Coast Swing classes for one month of Mondays.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn in Vancouver
from master teachers and Champion dancers, Myles & Tessa

Plan for your whole evening: Classes, then Practica:


LevelUp your Jack & Jill Skills

Tactics & strategies to control your nerves, remember all your coaching, adjust to your partner, perform your best, and get noticed by the judges.

Open to: all competition levels (see restrictions below)

Never competed before? 
No problem, you can still take this class, but this is not an orientation-to-competing class, so there's one condition: you need to catch up with some assigned pre-reading to fill you in on the basics of how a J&J works.

LevelUp your Musical Movement

Techniques & tactics to move and groove better to different genres of music, manage your timing, hit accents in the music, and really feel like you're dancing.

Open to: all dancers (see restrictions below)


Both classes are open to all dancers who have passed their basic skills assessment. This is the same simple 5-min assessment that SwingLab used. If you would like to register and you have not yet been assessed, you will need to arrange to get an assessment from Myles or Tessa in advance by emailing No assessments will be offered on site.


This is a guided social dance practice, where you get to focus on solidifying your new material and get essential feedback from coaches.

Open to: dancers registered in either class

In addition to open practice dancing, we will offer 2 unique and high-value practice "games":

Rapid Rotation 9:30-9:45
This awesome team exercise gets you used to profiling, refocusing, and switching gears quickly so you can adjust to each song and each partner more smoothly and effortlessly.

Sideline Coaching 10-10:15pm
Volunteer to "dance in the hotseat" like a spotlight, but get coaches calling cues to you while you dance so you can make adjustments on the fly.


Upstairs mezzanine, Soundhouse Studios, 33 West 8th, Vancouver, between Ontario & Manitoba.

Free street parking in the neighbourhood. 

Cafe next door, open till 11pm: 33 Acres 

How to register

Evening drop-ins are allowed. No drop-ins for Practica-only.

J&J Skills
+ Practica

$30 per night at the door. 

Pre-register for all 4 weeks: $110

Musical Movement
+ Practica  

$30 per night at the door. 

Pre-register for all 4 weeks: $110

Both Classes
+ Practica

$45 per night at the door. 

Pre-register for all 4 weeks: $165