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Your Next Steps!

step 1

Join The Momentum Facebook Community

You signed up for Momentum with the following email:

We will ask you for this email when you join the Facebook group so we can match your facebook profile with your membership and provide you access to the community.

Once you join, the very first thing to do is go to the Units menu tab where you can read the Group Rules & Orientation and mark it as done.

step 2

Introduce Yourself 

In the Facebook group, let everyone know that you joined Momentum by sharing the following:

  1. 1
    Where you are from
  2. 2
    Why you are excited to join Momentum
  3. 3
    One thing we might not know about you yet

And since you have so much experience in front of the camera now, we challenge you to make this an introduction VIDEO! (optional)

step 3

Engage With The Community

Say hi to at least 3 other people who have joined Momentum by liking their re-introduction post and saying something to make them feel welcome.

step 4

Keep An Eye On Your Email

We'll be sending you more details about your membership via email soon.

step 5 (optional)

Apply For An "Accelerate Your Dance" Strategy Session

IF you are serious about dramatically improving your West Coast Swing, and you are willing to work hard over the next few months, then we want to personally work with you and provide you with a fast track to your goals.

Apply for a strategy session to learn what you can do to access this deeper level of training that includes a much more personalized approach.


Start Your Momentum

Jump in and start your very first training, Momentum Orientation. As soon as you finish it, more trainings will become available for you.