Live Feedback Sessions

In cases where it is not possible to meet with students in person, we occasionally offer online coaching. This involves booking an appointment and sending us videos in advance, then meeting on FaceTime or Skype to discuss feedback. See our private lessons page for details.

Other Resources

Westie Central – Find hotel roommates, strictly swing partners, carpools to events – To know what dances are going on around your area, nationally or internationally

Westie Map: Interactive map to find and contribute WCS schools, dances, and events all over the world:

Westie Discussion of the Day – Facebook Group featuring a daily conversation on a variety of topics

Westie Q&A – This is the website database of all the posts from the Westie Discussion of the Day.

PracticeWCS – Amateur-run site of drills and exercises. Mostly good ideas, with a few misguided pitfalls.

RadioWCS– Download the app to to listen online to nothing but WCS-able music

Global Dance TV – Internet TV Network broadcasting 24/7 dance programming, including exclusive LIVE broadcasts from select WCS events

Dance World Takeover – Lindyhopper Rebecca Brightly write awesome articles that are directly applicable to WCS.

Street swing – Very thorough dance history site.

USA Swingnet – Partial network resource for dance events and media

Top DJ Music

WCS Wiki – Developing online encyclopedia entry for WCS

Get off my Slot – Entertaining Tumblr page for Westie humour

Http:// – An online tool that allows you to collect and bookmark 6sec YouTube clips

Wandering Westie – Blog-turned resource site for traveling dancers