Blues Grooves Workshop


BLUES GROOVES online workshop

Grooving is using repetitive body actions or steps to illustrate rhythms and accents in the music.  

For dancing WCS to medium and fast Blues music, the grooving is primarily lower body: footwork and legwork syncopations, variations, shapes, and rhythms.

Smart WCS dancers recognize that since Blues is a major historical influence in West Coast Swing history, studying it and mastering it is a cultural essential (and competitive advantage!)

If you train your Blues Groovin’ skills:

  • you’ll develop faster, more agile feet that can keep up with faster tempos
  • you’ll get swung rhythm in your body so you can better match the music
  • you can feel more versatile and confident when Blues songs come on
  • as a competitor, you’ll be taken more seriously as a well-rounded dancer who respects the history of dance.

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