Deck of Drills


One of our students, Chrystalene Buhler, created a game of solo practice drills called Deck of Drills. These 52 drills have been vetted by us.
They won’t teach you West Coast Swing, and are not intended to replace live or video instruction. What they will do is give you a fun and easy tool to focus your practice and build your solo foundational skills for WCS.
The deck contains 5 categories: Musicality, Personal Movement Skills, Partnership Skills, Conditioning, and Pattern/Footwork.

Deck of Drills is a fundraising product. Teachers and dancers who register as Affiliates earn $20 credit from each Deck, to apply towards their tuition of the Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program. Before you buy, consider a teacher who might benefit from this referral credit.

This deck of 52 drills is just a fraction of our massive Swing Literacy library which contains several hundred drills. For technical details on all of these drills and how they integrate with other West Coast Swing skills, patterns, and musicality, you’ll want to check out the online Swing Literacy Dancer Development Program.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm