Dips & Rides Mini-Series




Special treat for summer! By popular demand, we’re offering a special 4-week mini-series all about socially leadable Dips/Drops and Rides!

4* Sundays in July:  6pm
taught by Myles and Tessa!

Dips/Drops and Rides are technically “tricks”: they are not a part of standard WCS dancing, but can be a fun feature to add in ONCE YOU LEARN THE SAFETY RULES OF THE GAME.

Learn how to lead and follow these tricks in a safe and progressive way so you can be responsible, respectful, and creative with your partner.

*How it works:

  • No partner required.
  • Content will be progressive: if you miss a session, you’ll need to catch up via video recap or private lesson.
  • If you have already taken a dips/rides workshop, it’s ok if you have to miss the first session.
  • Content of the first week will overlap with last Decembers’ workshop, but then build on with fresh content from there. It’s super valuable to review, practice, and get feedback!
  • This series is open any experienced Westies who are comfortable with all their basic patterns plus:
    • Right side outside turn rainbow
    • Left side inside roll
    • Closed position tuck pass
      (all of which will be reviewed in the next few weeks of SwingSoul WCS Essentials class, Sundays 7pm)


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