Dips & Rides Workshop


Special workshop all about socially leadable Dips/Drops and Rides!

Sunday Dec 10 4-6pm
50% off for Westie Academy
FREE for Momentum members

Dips/Drops and Rides are technically “tricks”: they are not a part of standard WCS dancing, but can be a fun feature to add in ONCE YOU LEARN THE SAFETY RULES OF THE GAME.

As veteran Showcase dancers, Myles and Jen have a wealth of knowledge and experience about leading and following these tricks and exactly how to teach them in a safe and progressive way so you can be responsible, respectful, and creative with your partner.

This 2-hour workshop is open any experienced Westies who are comfortable with all their basic patterns plus:
–Right side outside turn rainbow
–Left side inside roll
–Closed position tuck pass
(which will be reviewed in the next few weeks of WCS Essentials class)

If you were inspired by the Dips & Tricks workshops at Sea to Sky, this will be a great way to review, enrich, add-on, and practice with more partners!