“got play?” Followers Liberation for WCS: Advanced


Have you developed great balance and body control, but you are looking for a breakthrough in self expression in your WCS?

The Advanced video is right for you if you’ve mastered the skills on the Beginner and Intermediate Got Play videos.

The Theory section explains several distinctions required for play featuring energy transfer and speed changes.
The Technical section breaks down new skills featuring hairwhips, body rolling, and contractions.
The Practical section offers several applications of skills for each basic figure, demonstrated using an actual leader. Special emphasis is on Tuck variations and slot deviations.

Recommended prerequisites:

  • Got Play Beginners
  • Got Play Intermediate


  • While this video is aimed at followers, these movement skills can be applied to WCS by any human in any role.
  • “Advanced” refers to advanced STYLING, not advanced WCS.

What to watch next:

  • The Conversation Game: The rules for negotiating follower’s play in WCS

All these videos are included FREE inside the Dancer Development Program.

This is just the beginning…

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