The 8th Habit: Secrets to Steering


How To Improve Your WCS Frame, Steering, & Reaction Time Using Pressure Connection

In West Coast Swing, you’ll likely learn about stretch and compression (which is great) but there is actually a whole separate category of connection technique that is incredibly valuable to cover…

Pressure connection.

Pressure connection is the connection type used for lateral movements and steering turns, which is 50% of your dance!

This rarely-taught technical concept is actually a fundamental movement skill that is widely overlooked and often misunderstood.

Do you ever:

  • feel confused by all the conflicting advice about connection?
  • get negative feedback from partners saying you are “too loose”, “too rigid”, or that they “can’t feel you”?
  • feel slow or late in your reaction time to your partner?
  • wonder how you can more precisely lead and follow with ANY partner?

If so, then this video is exactly what the doctor ordered…

A Completely Separate Category Of Connection Technique

Pressure Connection is also the access point of a wide variety of advanced tactics such as:

  • Deceleration & Acceleration
  • Multiple turns
  • Arcs & Preps
  • Puppetting

In this video, the secrets and techniques of frame and steering are revealed and broken down with thorough explanations, examples, drills, as well as how to use this fundamental tool to access more advanced acceleration techniques.

As soon as you try the drills with a partner, you will feel an immediate improvement in your connection and ability to lead and follow weight shifts, lateral movements, and turns that will start to transfer to the dance floor immediately.


While we demonstrate and explain in the context of West Coast Swing, this video can improve your leading and following skills in any form of partner dancing.

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