Workbook: How to Organize a Workshop


  • Want to know exactly what makes workshops succeed?

  • Want to know what pitfalls to avoid?

  • Want to get specific step-by-step instructions from start to finish?

Get this 30-page workbook explaining all the details you need to make sure your workshop is seamless, productive, and win-win-win!

In this workbook, you get:

  • Every essential step in the planning process, and why each is important.

  • How to avoid pitfalls that could cost you time, revenue, or respect.

  • How to select quality instructors to serve your community needs.

  • Things to consider when choosing when and where to run a workshop.

  • How, when and where to promote most effectively.

  • Templates to use for planning, staffing, volunteers, and promotion.


  1. Networking

  2. Picking a date

  3. Venue

  4. Budget

  5. Schedule

  6. Staff

  7. Format

  8. Ticket Sales

  9. Admin/Volunteers

  10. Marketing

  11. Visualize

  12. Edification

  13. Private Lessons

  14. Education

  15. “How to Get the Most” handout

  16. Get Feedback

PLUS, these templates:

Workshop Planning Checklist
6-Month Task Planner
Promotion Planning Calendar
Staff Contract Template

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