Resilient Shoulders 

Stabilize your rotator cuff to improve connection and protect against injury

Kinesiology workshop hosted by Myles & Tessa

Now's the time to fortify those shoulders!

Do you:

  • Get told that you “have a loose frame” or that your partner “can’t feel you”?
  • Get told that your connection is too heavy/stiff but you’re just trying to protect yourself from rough partners?
  • Experience pain and soreness in your upper arm, shoulder, or neck after dancing?
  • Want to prepare your connection muscles to return to dance a stronger partner?

If so, it sound like your shoulders need some TLC to prepare for social dancing!

As connection experts, we help students all over the world make breakthroughs in learning connection skills smarter. This usually involves teaching game-changing technique to build fundamental skills that traditional dance classes skip over.

But sometimes dancers struggle with physical obstacles that prevent them from implementing proper techniques: 

  • Maybe they have already suffered a shoulder injury that they are now guarding
  • Maybe they have been taught outdated or unsafe connection methods that are counterproductive and causing injury
  • Maybe they're just new to West Coast Swing's very specific connection requirements so all the shoulder demands are foreign and overwhelming

Deeper issues like this call for a professional who specializes in them,

so we (Myles & Tessa) are excited to bring you this new workshop:

Resilient Shoulders

with Coach Gabriel Shaw

Practicing Kinesiologist (and fellow Westie!)

How this workshop can help your WCS

In this 90 minute active workshop, 

Coach Gabriel guides you through exercises to:

Gain confidence

  • Less shoulder pain during dancing
  • Less fear of being yanked or injured by your partner

Improve connection

  • Stronger shoulders make you better at connecting in all directions
  • Improve reaction time to be more responsive to your partner and the music

Improve flow

  • Improve elasticity and rotational spring to make transitions smoother
  • Regulate direction changes easily at any speed

Sneak Preview

We (Myles & Tessa) have collaborated with Coach Gabriel to produce a special workshop addressing the shoulder issues that Westies struggle with both on and off the floor, and providing the conditioning exercises you need to improve your elasticity and frame and make you a more responsive partner.

Here is a short preview of a conditioning exercise Gabriel teaches to help improve your frame and prevent shoulder injuries.

About Coach Gabriel

Kinesiologist (BCAK), Clinical Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist (CSEP)

Gabriel Shaw is a practicing Kinesiologist (BCAK), Clinical Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist (CSEP) with over ten years in health and wellness, plus experience in many modalities including: kinetic link training, tai chi, martial arts, dance, running, myofascial release, yoga, qigong and meditation.

In addition to seeing clients for active rehab and integrated personal training, he also teaches group classes for exercise, tai chi, swing dance and kids' jiu-jitsu. In his sessions you can expect: full-body integrative exercises, joint durability/prehab, breath work, movement education and an evidence-based approach.


You get the recording and access to free bonus material

To get the most from this workshop, make sure to have the following:


  • a wall nearby
  • a mat or floorspace
  • a resistance band and place to anchor it


  • camera on
  • two resistance bands
  • free weights

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