Role Reversal workshop

Learn and refine your secondary role to challenge your versatility and creativity

July 31  4-6pm at DanceVancouver

Why learn the opposite role?

West Coast Swing is joyfully progressive: anyone can choose to lead or follow.

When you are first learning, it's important to concentrate on only one role so you don't get confused.
But once your basics have stabilized, you can feel free to start learning the opposite role.

And if you've been dancing for a while, this is highly recommended for several reasons:

  • It gives you a sense of empathy for what partners feel from you. For example, when a leader learns to follow, they suddenly become acutely aware of how certain leading techniques or bad habits impact the follower.
  • It gives you a different perspective, which helps to clarify your WCS concepts. For example, when a follower learns to lead, they develop a better sense of spatial awareness as they have to manage pattern pathways and floorcraft.
  • It helps you identify, clarify, and strengthen fundamental skills that both leaders and followers need (that you might have previously underestimated)
  • When you can dance both roles, you are never limited in your social dance opportunities! No more sitting down, waiting for a partner to be available!
  • When you get reasonably fluent in both roles, you can play with switching and steal dancing

Role Reversal workshop

Learn and refine your secondary role to challenge your versatility and creativity

July 31  4-6pm at DanceVancouver

Includes social dance party 8-11pm

This workshop will run if a minimum of 10 dancers register by July 29, so tell your friends!

This workshop is NOT for beginner dancers.
If you have never partner danced before, or you are in your first few months of partner dancing, we recommend taking classes here: SwingSoul Beginners

Stay to social dance after...

Immediately following this workshop, Wanda Roberts is hosting an inclusive WCS crash course workshop and dance party specifically for PRIDE week. 

Your Role Reversal workshop ticket includes this inclusive social dance party, and we invite you to also stay and join in on the "crash course" 6-8pm.

You're in good hands!

Because you already have experience in West Coast Swing,
you won't have to start from scratch. 

But our Swing Literacy method is known worldwide
for helping dancers learn faster and deeper. 

This means we'll help you learn your opposite role
much more efficiently than you did your primary role...

...and enjoy your learning curve much more!

More about Myles & Tessa

Partners for 20 years, Myles & Tessa have dominated the Showcase division and compete at the highest level in improvised competition. They also teach workshops, train teachers, judge and perform on the global circuit.

Tessa has been professionally practicing physical education, movement analysis, and pedagogy for the past 30 years, in the context of multiple sports and dance styles, with degrees in both Kinesiology and Education.

Myles has a lifetime of dance background, including classical solo dance training, Ballroom, Salsa, Theatre Arts, and 6 UCWDC World Championship titles. along with being classically trained and studying the inner workings of over 20 different dances.

They are creators of a teaching methodology called Swing Literacy which uses the science of learning to help dancers learn WCS faster and train smarter. They specialize in training dance teachers to do use it too, and tour globally delivering this system.

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Location: The new Dance Vancouver studio: 1627 W. Broadway at Fir