The Teachers’ Lab is available exclusively to teacher trainees enrolled in the Practicum.

The Teachers’ Lab is restricted, live session offered at select weekend dance events.  There are two formats:

  1. Intensive format (4 hours): The Lab is actually integrated into a public Swing Literacy Intensive. Teachers assist and engage in projects during and after the SLI.
  2. Private format (2-4 hours): like a private lesson, you can complete your Teachers’ Lab solo, or in a small private group.

In the Teachers’ Lab, we will guide trainees as they put the Theory into practice by:

  • physically experiencing drills
  • learning physical manipulation techniques
  • applying sequencing of progressions in basic patterns and variations
  • assessing and troubleshooting live dancers
  • collaborating with other trainees to brainstorm and problem-solve

No two Labs are ever the same. Labs are a great way to get a “tune-up”, get inspiration, or bring your puzzling teaching questions for discussion. Trainees can repeat the Teachers’ Lab as often as they choose, at a 50% discount.

To Book:

The Teachers’ Lab is not an intensive for dancers. For information on hiring us to teach a public Swing Literacy Intensive for the dancers in your area, please visit our Workshops page.

To book us for a private Teachers’ Lab at an event, please contact us directly.
1 person: 2 hours $250/person
2 people: 2 hours $225/person
3 people: 2 hours $200/person
4+ people: 4 hours $180/person

Upcoming Teachers’ Labs at events: