Master your balance, turns, and spins so you can do any rotational movement (in leading or following), with any amount of revolution and speed, with more confidence and control.

Free 7-Day



 All Online       Nov 12-18

with West Coast Swing Champions and Master Teachers
Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe

See how much we can help you improve your balance, agility, consistency, and control in just 7 days.

Turning skills are everywhere in your dance, for leaders and followers. Every pivot, every direction change. We say "SpinAbility" to refer to ALL rotational movement for leaders and followers.

Improving your SpinAbility makes you look cooler and feel more relaxed when you dance, because you can own your turns instead of your turns owning you.

When we first offered the 7-Day SpinAbility Challenge in Nov 2020, over 2400 leaders and followers of all levels were blown away with how the strategically structured set of progressive drills could so dramatically improve their dance. So, we're bringing it back by popular demand!

Imagine, in just 7 days:

  • Having better grounding, balance, and stability in the dance
  • Feeling more agile and confident in any turning move, from minor pivots to full pirouettes 
  • Being able to assess your own errors and fix them in the moment
  • Being able to salvage any off-balance moment with cool confidence
  • Adding turn variations to your collection to make your dance feel more exciting as a leader or a follower


Signup free for the Challenge ASAP, no partner required.

We'll send you instructions via email to join the temporary Challenge Facebook group.

From Nov 12-18, you'll receive an email each day containing a link to the daily challenge drills and a prescription on how to practice them to get the best results.

Join us in the Challenge Facebook group every day that week where we will be providing coaching & feedback gold!

Complete all 7 days of challenges to


Grand Prize:
Full scholarship for the $1500
 Swing Literacy Dancer Development Program!
Top points earners have a chance to win:
A private 45-minute online coaching & strategy session with Myles & Tessa
VIP Discounts for the
Dancer Development Program Bootcamp

Join the FREE 7-day SpinAbility Challenge!

Get 34+ progressive drills in a strategic progressive order that build your skills so you can feel more stable, confident, and grounded while turning or being turned.


This is my first time trying your methods and I am so impressed. I also can’t thank you enough for the growth mindset. I struggle with thinking I’m not good enough and this made a huge difference if wanting to just keep trying even if I’m training ugly!  

Tracey Hughes

My aha moment was discovering how much easier spinning is when I incorporate as many of the techniques taught this week into my spins. There were so many elements missing that I will have to work on, but I see and feel the different that just these 7 days have made.  I can’t wait to see how things are as I work through this more and more. 

Robert Koseniak

After this seven awesome super Challenge days,  I can't but give you my gratitude.  

You are not only top professionals but  splendid teachers.  Your detailed tips,  instructions and also encouragement are undoubtedly great virtues of you both.  

Happy to be so fortunate to have this chance to learn from you.  

Congratulations and THANK YOU.  



You're looking for something fun and motivating to give you a boost

You're curious to see what's possible for you dance when you train your turn technique

You want your leading or following of turns to be more consistent and creative

You're looking for harder, more creative, more challenging turn skills & variations


What level is this for?
Because turning is a fundamental skill, it applies to all levels. We will show you how to adjust the difficulty level for your skill level.

I'm busy the week of Nov 12-18. Can I do it later?
Sorry, no. This is a free pop-up Challenge we only offer once or twice a year, so take advantage of it as much as you can - it'll be worth it!

How much time will it take?
Each daily video is less than 15 minutes. Then practicing your daily challenge will take about another 15 minutes, which you can spread out throughout your day. 

Do I need a partner?
Not for the daily Challenge drills. (You'll be surprised how much progress we can help you make solo!) 

When are the classes?
There are no classes for the free challenge: Each day for 7 days, you will receive an email with the drills for that day for you to practice. In the Challenge Facebook group, we will be providing daily free interactive feedback and coaching to help you maximize your results and get to the finish line!

I did the last SpinAbility Challenge. Should i do it again?
Yes! This sequence is timeless and universal for all levels. You are a different dancer now than you were last time, so these drills will feel different and have a different effect.

Join the FREE 7-day SpinAbility Challenge!

Get 34+ progressive drills to work on your SpinAbility

Join the FREE 7-day SpinAbility Challenge!

Get 34+ progressive drills to work on your SpinAbility

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