Learn Modern Swing dance in Vancouver

Get started with this slick, dynamic, improvised partner dance with an accelerated method that will have you dancing cool, comfortable, and confident in just weeks.

Quick preview of West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is the most modern version of all the Swing dances. It is not a Ballroom dance, but rather a direct descendant of Lindy Hop that has infused other dance styles such as Hip Hop, Hustle, Contemporary, and Zouk.

  • WCS is an improvised social dance, not choreographed. There is no memorizing of choreography.
  • It is the most versatile partner dance - you can use it to dance to most of your favourite music.
  • It is the most balanced partner dance - the follower has more freedom, rather than strict leading and following.
  • There is a world wide network of WCS communities, weekend conventions, and competitions.

Here's what Beginners look like after dancing for a few months:

  • You can choose to learn to lead or follow - gender is irrelevant
  • You don't need a partner because everyone rotates in classes and switches partners each song
  • It's never too late - dancers range from high school students to retirees
  • Competition is optional - social dancing is far more common

How to start learning West Coast Swing

For the best possible start, join us for SwingSoul Sundays at the new Dance Vancouver studio!

Nobody is born knowing how to dance West Coast Swing. It doesn't matter if you have years of classical training or you have two left feet - everyone needs to take lessons in order to learn. No one expects you to know anything about dancing before you start - that's what the lessons are for!

Everyone starts in a group class called Intro to West Coast Swing, where you will learn foundational skills and basic patterns you need to be able to dance competently and confidently.

4 SATURDAYS 4-5:15pm  

  • Starting the first Saturday of every month.
  • Couples or singles welcome.

Price: $25/drop-in or $80/month


Intro to WCS A

Welcome! If you're new, start here!
This class is for the absolute beginner, or dancers from other styles wanting to learn West Coast Swing.


What you'll learn:

Way more than just standard basic patterns: you'll get a well-rounded set of skills that will help you feel successful and confident sooner and have more fun! Content is progressive from week to week and repeats each month. You'll get a WCS "Passport" to keep track of your progress!

What's next:

Once dancers can check off all the skills and patterns in their Intro A Passport, they can move into the next class: Intro to WCS B (Bridge)

While drop-ins are possible, we strongly recommend registering for the month series, starting at the beginning of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?
There will be a series of classes starting each month. Like our Facebook page to get notified when registration opens up.

Do I need a partner to sign up with?
Nope! There will be a mix of couples and singles. No partner required.

Do I have to switch partners?
WCS is a social dance, meaning everyone dances with everyone for one song at a time, so you switch partners constantly during the class. But if you have COVID concerns, it's ok to temporarily stay together if you prefer.

What should I wear?
WCS is pretty casual. Pants are recommended instead of skirts. Choose footwear that is not clunky or grippy/sticky or high heels.

What if I am an experienced dancer but new to WCS?
We are excited to welcome you! Intro B class is the perfect place for you because we'll teach you which skills you can use directly and which ones you'll need to modify and how, without having to start from scratch.

What if I want to learn faster?
If you know you learn better one-to-one or would like to accelerate your progress, contact us to discuss options for customized training programs. swingsoul@swingliteracy.com

How long do I stay in the Intro classes for?
WCS classes are not something you take once and are done. After 4 weeks you will have the skills required for the next class, Intro B. Intro B is a Bridge class that will help you fill out your vocabulary & repertoire of techniques, tactics, and patterns so you can keep up in the Essentials class. See all the class descriptions here

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Got more questions? Email us: swingsoul@swingliteracy.com

You're in good hands

What makes these classes different?

Swing Soul teachers use the Swing Literacy Development Method, created by Canadian Champions Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe., which helps dancers learn WCS faster, better, and easier than traditional partner dance classes by using a progressive skills-first approach.

This means you will "get it" sooner, have more fun sooner, and really feel like you're dancing and not just marching through patterns & steps. Dancer trained in this method progress faster, are more "fluent" in the dance, and are better able to learn more skills and moves from any source.


SwingSoul Teachers




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Learn more about WCS

We encourage you to learn more about the big wide world of this fascinating,
kinesthetically satisfying, addictive social dance! 
To help you avoid wasting time going down the rabbit hole,
here are some resources to focus your exploration.

All your questions answered

Whether you are just starting out, or you have been dancing for several months already, you probably have a ton of questions....

You deserve to know the answers! We have ALL of them, compiled into this handy blog article.

This is one of our many blog articles about learning and dancing West Coast Swing. Enjoy exploring the rest!

Got more questions? Email us: swingsoul@swingliteracy.com

Learn even more about WCS

Curious about West Coast Swing's background, history, global reach, and how it compares to other dance styles? Don't spend hours hunting it all down on the interwebs - we've done the work for you! Enjoy this curated, consolidated resource page that has all you need to know... for now.... ;)

About West Coast Swing

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Lessons are only the beginning!

West Coast Swing is a global and local community, with regular dance parties, social events, weekend conventions, and online groups. It uses Facebook for networking. We encourage you to join these groups to get connected and discover all the resources that are available. Here are two reliable ones:

Vancouver West Coast Swing Community

Vancouver Westies

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