Competitive Routines

In addition to doing our own choreography for competition and stage, we are available to choreograph routines for West Coast Swing competitors.

Our competitive students have represented us well: the judges and audience appreciate our Swing content character development, storyline, tricks, and appropriate level of difficulty. Several students have placed and gone on to graduate to higher divisions. Our most notable protegees, Alpha Vo and Jen Malcolm, were almost undefeated for their 2 years in Rising Star, finally becoming the first international winners of an Opus by taking first place in the Rising Star division at the US Open Swing Dance Championships 2016.

  • Classic Division
  • Showcase Division
  • Rising Star Division
  • Sophisticated/Masters Division

Choreography can be done in person or on digital file, with followup coaching available live or online. Rates are either per hour of teaching or per minute of choreography. Please contact us for a quote.


Performance Routines

High School & College Teams

We have choreographed and coached several school teams with varying ability levels. We prepare 2-4 minute routines for groups of 4-40 dancers aged 14-25 years, showcasing West Coast Swing and including easy yet impressive aerials and tricks. For choreography for your school team, please contact us for a quote.

DIVA Training

Well before the Pole-Dance trend, Tessa was one of the very first to offer this unique type of training to dancers of all levels. Now, pop culture has caught up to her and Tessa is proud to still offer the original Diva Training workshop at events around the globe, and has produced the only Ladies’ Styling DVD series for WCS in existence. Using movement drills and choreographed routines, she teaches women how to be sensual, graceful, sexy, and elegant. The routines are performance-worthy, but can also be used as home practice. For more info on how to incorporate this training into your WCS workshop or event, please contact Tessa.

Vancouver’s West Coast Swing Performance Team: Swing Affliction

Since 2004, we have been choreographing community performance teams of all levels. Working on a routine is guaranteed to improve your dancing, as it forces you to work on clarity of movement, control, timing, musical interpretation, focus, and environmental awareness. We are available to create and choreograph a performance team in your area – please contact us for a quote.

Other Dance Styles:

  • Formation Teams
  • Salsa
  • Country
  • Cabaret
  • Lindy Hop
  • Hustle/Disco