*New* Workshop Critique Service

It can be hard for experienced teachers to find opportunities for feedback and professional development specifically on your teaching. Teachers of event workshops who would like feedback on their teaching and guidance/coaching on how to improve, or to get a taste of how the SLDM can make a difference, can get a workshop critique involving Myles or Tessa sitting in on your workshop, preparing observation notes, and the option of doing a 30 min debrief afterward.

Get feedback on:

  • Developmentally appropriate skill progressions
  • Pedagogical techniques
  • Use of drills and analogies
  • Student feedback & questions
  • Vocabulary, keywords, analogy, and cueing
  • Logical flow & class management

We have been offering this invaluable service to SLDM graduates for years, but are now making this service available to all teachers. The Critique fees can be applied towards SLDM tuition if registered within 4 months.

Introductory pricing:
Option 1: Observation plus written notes: $100
Option 2: Observation plus written notes and 30min live debrief: $120

To request a critique, check our event calendar and contact us as much in advance as possible.

*New* Syllabus Review Service

For teachers of local weekly classes who would like feedback on their own syllabus and recommendations on how to improve given the goals and the community and to get a taste of how the SLDM can make a difference.

Get feedback on:

  • Long-term series plan (1 month to 1 year)
  • Short-term lesson plans
  • Balance of Techniques, Tactics, and Strategies
  • Sequencing of skill progressions
  • Selection of developmentally appropriate pattern and drills
  • Vocabulary, keywords, analogy, and cueing

 Introductory pricing: $50