The Best Connection You've Ever Had

Connect better instantly with any partner and make complex patterns work better

2-hour speciality workshop with Myles & Tessa

@MADJam Thursday 6-8pm

Limited space, separately ticketed.
Reservations can be made on the event registration page soon.

Set yourself up to maximize your weekend

It's going to be another amazing weekend! So many awesome dancers, so many awesome teachers!
You want to make sure your brain and body are prepared to handle
all the awesome learning and social dancing opportunities without feeling overwhelmed.

Especially when it comes to connection - your body NEEDS a warmup...

Here's how the weekend typically goes. Can you relate?

On Friday night...

you're excited to dance after so long, but your dancing feels pretty rusty. You feel awkward, disconnected, tired, and can get kind of down on yourself.

Then by Saturday night...

you've had several workshops and maybe some comps, and you're starting to remember how to connect, so you feel ok again.

Finally, by Sunday night...

after two straight days of "warmup", your dance feels amazing! Way better than Friday, and you feel reenergized and reinspired.

We know - this typical cycle happens for us too! But it doesn't have to...

If you prepare properly, you can avoid that yucky Friday cobwebs feeling and skip straight to Saturday's feeling. 

But we want to show you how you can skip straight to that Sunday euphoria...

with the best connection you've ever had.

Prime your connection from Day 1

In this specialty workshop (for experienced Westies only*), we'll be zooming in on connection to prime your brain and body for the rest of the weekend.

But fear not - this is not a theory lecture - you will be active almost the whole class as Myles & Tessa coach you through drills and games so you can really get the ideal feeling in your body with multiple partners.

Plus, Myles and Tessa will be hands-on, so you can get instant feedback from master teachers that you are on the right track.

What you'll get in the workshop

  • Techniques you should be using throughout your whole dance, but might be missing (many dancers are shocked they ever survived without them)
  • Specific instructions on how to get the right feel for counterbalance, elasticity, constant connection, balance in turns, and make them habitual.
  • Drills to practice them solo or with a partner as a warmup before social dancing or comps
  • Practice integrating these techniques into your social dancing so your connection feels better instantly - to you and to your partner
  • Tactics for compensating and adapting for partner's bad habits so you can survive and thrive with anyone

*This workshop is not for brand-new dancers. Instead, we recommend Newcomers join Myles & Tessa's L1 workshop Friday at 10am.

How This Workshop Can Help Your WCS

Here are common results students get after this workshop:

You "feel" more in the connection that you couldn't detect before

As a follower, you will suddenly notice more subtle leads, and feel more "integrated".
As a leader, you will be able to lead direction changes and turns more precisely.

Partners are impressed with how much better you feel

You might get surprised compliments, just a smile of approval, or higher level dancers inviting you more often. Beginners will be able to relax and trust you more.

You find patterns in other workshops easier to learn & do

When learning new complex patterns, you'll be able to add the necessary layer of connection to make those patterns work effectively immediately, and adapt them on the fly when things don't go as expected.

The Best Connection
You've Ever Had

2-hour specialty workshop with Myles & Tessa

@MADJam Thursday 6-8pm

This workshop is separately ticketed.
Reservations will be available on the event registration page soon.

What students have said...

“Rare to find such kind and giving professionals”


Last weekend, I had intended to only go to the first couple workshop of the five you offered, but after the first two, I realized it could be a very productive day and worth it to stay....I have attended workshops with various pro and advanced dancers that have come to town, but I walked away from one Saturday with you guys more impressed than I was with any other experience. Not only were you guys fabulous instructors, using various learning techniques, but also extremely friendly and approachable. I enjoyed your sense of humor, and comedic and explanatory analogies. In the past, although I have enjoyed myself, I have not been privileged to learn from dancers that I admire, not only on the dance floor, but off as well. Thank you for your professionalism and commitment to the simple enjoyment of the dance. It's rare to find such kind and giving professionals in any field, not just dance. I walked away more secure in myself than I walked in, and more committed to working on all types of dance simply for the fun of it. I was also able to social dance with Myles that evening (upon Tessa's recommendation). Not only did I enjoy myself, but it also confirmed my impression from workshops of the humility that you both present yourself with. I think that was what impressed me most. Thank you. I hope our paths will cross and I will be able to learn much more from both of you in the future. Thank you for your time and commitment to not only a more technical, but also a more positive dance community.

Christina Parker

“Helped me to fill in gaps and resolve conflicting advice”


I often feel like other teachers can’t answer all my questions, but with M&T, I am never afraid they won’t be able to answer my questions. I feel safe asking about a conflict in my knowledge and trust that they will straighten me out and never leave me with any lingering confusion or cognitive dissonance. Before working with M&T, I knew I had lots of gaps in my foundation. I feel like M&T poured the water in that filled all the gaps. Their method allowed us to integrate the old info with the new info - I finally got all my random dots of knowledge connected. M&T have developed an awesome system to be able to assess wherever I’m at, and meet me there to build a plan designed for me.

Andy Kilhoffer

“Head and shoulders above the crowd”


"When compared to other top-ranked professional dancers who teach, Myles & Tessa are head and shoulders above the crowd. Their ability to break down complicated technique and make it accessible even to beginners is unparalleled. And their classes are always refreshingly entertaining!"

Ken  & Angela Wolder

“Use this to get more out of standard workshops”


This was a great experience! If you are really looking to improve your dance, this Swing Literacy method will get you there more authentically than random pattern-based learning. I think that this program teaches you how you can then take better advantage of other "standard training opportunities" (workshops, etc..). Myles and Tessa are truly educators and understand learning rather than just trying to teach a "cool pattern" that is useful in 0.0001% of your dance.

Leigh Yu

“I have tools to learn more from any source”


Before this Swing Literacy, I struggled at workshops because I was missing techniques. Now, I have them or know where to look them up to remind myself. I feel like I can be a much more successful dance learner. I feel like I can now look at a complex skill and break it down into small enough parts to learn it. I now look at my competition videos with a clearer picture of what I was missing, and I have a better idea of what is expected of me as a lower level competitor.

Liz Johnston

“Workshops became easier once I filled in these gaps”


Discovering Swing Literacy method has been an amazing eye opener to the many holes in my dance education. I have taken workshops and intensives from the best of the best and I have tons of knowledge in my head. However, that knowledge was never actually organized into a manner that I could effectively incorporate into my dancing. If I couldn't perform the moves demonstrated in a workshop, I just assumed I wasn't good enough yet. I never looked back to my fundamentals to see what I was missing in order to build up to those moves. Now I have a strategy to analyze new information in a workshop, organize it, determine if I am ready for it now or how to work up to it in the future. This is very exciting!

Renee Kusler

About Myles & Tessa

Canadian Champions Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe are West Coast Swing master teachers and ambassadors of WCS, touring internationally for 19 years, teaching, judging, and performing, and leading the Showcase division.

Since 2009, they have been teaching online comprehensive WCS training programs for teachers and dancers.

Throughout the pandemic, hundreds of dancers worldwide have used these programs to achieve breakthroughs in their dance - even without access to physical touch.

This workshop is a tiny sample of the signature Swing Literacy development method Myles & Tessa use to help students #trainWCSsmarter.

Learn more about Swing Literacy method and discover what's possible for your West Coast Swing:

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