Learn Modern Swing dance in Vancouver

Get started with this slick, dynamic, improvised partner dance with an accelerated method that will have you dancing cool, comfortable, and confident in just weeks.

Quick preview of West Coast Swing

  • WCS is an improvised social dance, not choreographed. There is no memorizing of choreography.
  • It is the most versatile partner dance - you can use it to dance to most of your favourite music.
  • It is the most balanced partner dance - the follower has more freedom, rather than strict leading and following.
  • There is a world wide network of WCS communities, weekend conventions, and competitions.

Here's what Beginners look like after dancing for a few months

  • You can choose to learn to lead or follow - gender is irrelevant
  • You don't need a partner because everyone rotates in classes and switches partners each song
  • It's never too late - dancers range from high school students to retirees
  • Competition is optional - social dancing is far more common

Ways to learn

Nobody is born knowing how to dance West Coast Swing. It doesn't matter if you have years of classical training or you have two left feet - everyone needs to take lessons in order to learn. No one expects you to know anything about dancing before you start - that's what the lessons are for.

There are 4 main ways you can learn WCS in Vancouver: Group Classes, Workshop Weekends, Private Lessons, and Instructional Videos. You can see a detailed list of pros and cons of each of these modes of learning here.

Spoiler alert: If you want to learn FAST and not waste time, private lessons are your best bet.

But not all private lessons are created equal! You want to train under a teacher with modern, efficient methods. Well, you're in luck...

Learn from master teachers

As Canadian West Coast Swing Champions, Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe are the highest ranked and most decorated WCS dancers outside of the US, currently ranked 2nd on the international WCS circuit.

Based in Vancouver, they've been teaching for a combined 50 years of teaching and coaching experience (despite their youthful appearance!), and have been a powerhouse teaching team since 2002.

Myles started with musical theatre and the classic solo dances, then turned his attention to Country Western, Ballroom/Latin, and finally all the Swing dances, earning championship titles in each.

 He has learned over 60 dances and has successfully competed in the majority of them.

Tessa was trained as a national competitive swimming coach, received national certification and university degrees in both Kinesiology and Education. She was an active school teacher for 12 years and has authored several coach and teacher training programs.

An accelerated method

 We built a series of training programs for both dancers and teachers that completely revolutionizes how dance is taught and learned. For the past decade, we've been training teachers all over the globe how to use the Swing Literacy Development Method to help dancers learn WCS faster, better, and easier.

We use this method to coach all of our students, from scratch beginners to Rising Star Champions, Jen Malcolm and Alpha Vo. Most of the top competitors and teachers in Vancouver have studied under us, because we get results.

Get started

Beginner Private Lessons

We offer private lessons at our studio, Broadway Ballroom, W.Broadway at Oak St.

For beginners, we recommend a package of 6 lessons to start with to give you a crash course in the fundamental skills you need to start building your WCS. These are skills that are not typically taught in group classes.

The personal coaching you get in private lessons is priceless. You get immediate feedback on whether you are doing the movements correctly, and customized advice on how to improve.

Most students continue their lessons beyond 6 weeks. Yes you can bring a partner, but no you don't need a partner - many people take lessons solo.

Zero to Sixty Program

Are you the kind of person who wants it all and wants it now?

If you're ready to get serious, we can get you started from scratch and build you into one of the most desirable social dancers in the city. If competition interests you, we can prepare you to enter amateur competitions, but these are totally optional.

The Zero to Sixty Program is a complete, customized, 3-month beginner training program consisting of both in-studio coaching and online study to progress you further, faster. Faster progress makes the journey more fun!

To get all the details about this Program, contact us to schedule a strategy session.

Already hooked? Get connected and learn more:

All your questions answered

Whether you are just starting out, or you have been dancing for several months already, you probably have a ton of questions....

You deserve to know the answers! We have ALL of them, compiled into this handy blog article.

This is one of many Coach's Corner blog articles about learning and dancing West Coast Swing. Enjoy exploring the rest!

Join the community

Lessons are only the beginning!

This website is actually a massive resource for everything you need to know about West Coast Swing. Enjoy browsing the About WCS section, and reading the advice for Westies in the Coach's Corner blog.

West Coast Swing is a global and local community, with regular dance parties, social events, weekend conventions, and online groups. It uses Facebook for networking. We encourage you to join these groups to get connected and discover all the resources that are available:

We can't wait to dance with you!


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