DanceFamilyOriginDifficultyMusicTechnique EmphasisStyleFashion
West Coast SwingDescendant of Lindy HopWest Coast, USA 1940’sHighR&B, Blues, Pop, Funk, Jazz, 60’s, 80’sLinear, Elastic Action-Reaction, Features the woman. Walks & Triple stepsDynamic, Funky, Sexy, GrooveTrendy-Classy What you would wear to a night club. Low heels or trendy flats.
Lindy HopThe original Swing danceNew York, USA 1920’sMedium-High1920’s-1950’s jazz, blues & big bandCircular, Low, Leveraged, Original Jazz Footwork, Rocksteps & Triple stepsFast, Casual, Carefree, AthleticSome very casual, some dress in 1940’s theme costumes
East Coast SwingDescendant of Lindy HopNorth America 1950’sLowOld-time rock & roll, big band, rockabillyDiluted Lindy Hop Lilt/Bounce Rocksteps & Triple StepsBouncy, Casual, EasySame as Lindy Hop
ShagCousin of Lindy HopSouthEast USA 1920’sMediumBeach Music, BluesLinear, Intricate footwork, Features the man, Rocksteps & Triples stepsSmooth, floating, containedCasual. Sandals are common
Hand DancingDecendant of Lindy HopNorthEast USA 1950’sMediumR&B, Funk, BluesLinear, Body Isolations, Tandem movements Spins & Hand ChangesFunky, Soulful, Fast, SexySame as WCS
JiveDescendant of Lindy HopNorth America 1950’sHighBig Band, RockabillyCircular, High Knees, Vertical pulse, Rocksteps & Triple stepsBouncy, Fast Precise, AggressiveMore dressy More ladies wear skirts & heels
Ceroc/Modern JiveDescendant of Lindy HopFrance, UK 1980’sLowPop, Dance, R&BCircular, Single Steps, Simple PatternsFast, Smooth, Dips & TricksSame as WCS
SalsaLatin Street danceCentral/South America. Current form: 1960’sLowLatin, Mambo, SalsaCircular Cuban Motion (hips) Triple Steps, Spins & Hand changesFast, Sexy, Dips & TricksDressy-Casual More ladies wear skirts & heels
Country WesternCollection of borrowed dancesNorth America 1980’sdepends on the danceCountry WesternPatterns and lines, less on musical interpretation & grooveCute, Pose-y, variable levels of techniqueSome casual, some dress in mild Western attire
BluesCousin of Lindy HopAmerica 1900s (debatable)LowSlow Blues, Soul, Funk, JazzKnown as the Lindy Hopper’s slow dance. Lead-follow focused. Unregimented. Some vintage movement. Controversial.Visceral, dynamic, slow, musical.Very casual
ZoukSouth American Street danceCentral, South AmericaMediumLambada, Reggae, R&BCircular. Spins and turns, Body rolling and hair/head rolling.Latin, slow, sensual, relaxed.Like Salsa