WCS Reboot Workshop

Feb 20 &/or 27   6-9pm

Kickstart your return to
West Coast Swing with Myles & Tessa
at the new Dance Vancouver studio

Welcome back!

Hey there. Long time no dance. How are you?

Craving dancing? Craving the social community?

But maybe feeling rusty? Like you need to remember how to social dance? Heck, even remember how to "social"?

Yeah, we get it.

Good news: it's a little like riding a bike: it won't take long to remember the skills you learned before.

Better news: this is the perfect opportunity to hit the "reboot" button and start fresh.

Embrace this opportunity to return your dance to its "factory settings" -
strip it down to raw fundamentals and rebuild your dance. 

But this time you are a little older and wiser.
You have a better idea of what you really want.

And now you have access to coaches who specialize in helping you get it. All of it.

regular classes starting in March, but for now...

Here's where you start:

WCS Reboot Workshop

in-person with Myles & Tessa

Homegrown WCS Champions & Master Teachers

Sunday Feb 20 &/OR 27

6-9pm  at Dance Vancouver

Just what the doctor ordered...

Don't worry - EVERYONE is feeling a little rough around the edges.

So this holistic workshop is designed to help you
gently re-integrate into dancing with partners of any level:

your memory

Remember how to actually do the dance! We'll review basic and standard patterns systematically so you can build a logical structure to help you remember & use new patterns more easily

Get the
feeling back

We'll review essential connection skills and focus on compensation skills to use when partners might have missing skills, so you can make any dance more safe, effective, and fun.

effective habits

We'll establish some easy habits that help you practice smarter and enjoy it more, such as warmup, partner profiling, and  feedback exchange, plus some pro-social habits.

This workshop is for ALL levels (except beginners), so everyone can get on the same page 
for SwingSoul Sundays and reboot together!
Know a beginner you're hoping to introduce? Send them this link to SwingSoul Beginners

You're in good hands

After 2 years of teaching exclusively online, we are so excited to finally be offering in-person classes and privates at the new Dance Vancouver studio.

This Reboot workshop is the perfect "pre-season bootcamp" to get everyone started on the right foot, so when SwingSoul classes start in March, you'll be primed and ready.

~Myles & Tessa

More about Myles & Tessa

Partners for 20 years, Myles & Tessa have dominated the Showcase division and compete at the highest level in improvised competition. They also teach workshops, train teachers, judge and perform on the global circuit.

Tessa has been professionally practicing physical education, movement analysis, and pedagogy for the past 30 years, in the context of multiple sports and dance styles, with degrees in both Kinesiology and Education.

Myles has a lifetime of dance background, including classical solo dance training, Ballroom, Salsa, Theatre Arts, and 6 UCWDC World Championship titles. along with being classically trained and studying the inner workings of over 20 different dances.

They are creators of a teaching methodology called Swing Literacy which uses the science of learning to help dancers learn WCS faster and train smarter. They specialize in training dance teachers to do use it too, and tour globally delivering this system.

What to expect in the workshop

  • We will be gently easing you back into everything - physical, mental, and social, and help you manage your expectations of yourself and others
  • Personal movement drills that are most essential for building back a solid foundation and protect your body to avoid injuring dance muscles that have been "out of shape".
  • We'll coach you through partnering drills to help you start fresh with better connection than you had before the shutdown, and set up practice routines you can do outside of class.
  • Since everyone is going to be a little rusty and deserve some grace, we'll focus on tactical tips and exercises to practice compensating for partners when they are missing skills, so you can feel better dancing with anyone.

Space is limited: Register now


Location: The new Dance Vancouver studio: 1627 W. Broadway at Fir

Dance Vancouver is currently a vaccinated-only space. Vaccine passports will be checked on arrival. Masks required when partnering.

The content of each workshop will have some overlapping core drills, but then have a totally different set of secondary drills and will vary slightly to accommodate the needs of those in the room and the questions asked.

So it's worth it to attend both if you can!  More repetition and practice is always a good thing.

Excited for the new classes starting in March?

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