Practica Leadership

Get a sustainable spiral of growth in your community

This is a 3-month small-group coaching program exclusive to Swing Literacy alumni, designed to guide you how to set up, run, and get regular coaching for a WCS practice group 

Feb-Apr 2024

This Focus Group will help you...

Get more dancers in your area to practice with so you can grow your own skills 

Provide your community with practice structure and guidance to motivate them and keep them on track

Help dancers feel more connected socially beyond dance parties

Inspire more dancers in your community to invest in improving their dance, creating a spiral of growth

Establish a strong foundation and habit cycle with a core group of dancers in your community who can model for more

Expose more dancers to the Swing Literacy skills you've been enjoying

If you're ready to take leadership and start or improve a Group Practice in your city, this Focus Group is for you

In this 3-month Focus Group experience, you will:

  • With peers, plan and strategize how to organize a practica in your local community.
  • Create a simple but effective marketing plan to recruit dancers to the practica so you get the right people to commit
  • Create a simple but effective practice plan you can adapt to your group’s needs that will help keep everyone on track
  • Host 2 in-person practicas coached by Myles or Tessa online so you have a strong model of structure, pacing, drills, and feedback exchange.
  • Meet 4x via Zoom with your Focus Group peers to debrief and exchange notes on what worked and didn’t work
  • Host 2 of your own in-person practicas by following up on the homework so you have structure and action items to stay motivated and avoid getting distracted
  • Repeat a few more times over the course of a few months to make sure you establish momentum and iron out the kinks.

What's included

3 months only: Feb-Apr 2023

February: Planning

We'll meet weekly on Zoom in a small group of about a dozen Swing Literacy trained dancers like you who have similar needs, goals, and community circumstances.

We'll plan together how to simply and efficiently:

  • handle the little administrative things like venue, schedule, and accounting
  • how to market your Group Practica
  • plan the content of what to practice & how
  • plan how to run the session & manage the "players"

March & April: Execution

Week 1:
You host your first in-person practica, coached by Myles or Tessa online so you have a strong model of structure, pacing, drills, and feedback exchange.

Week 2:
Meet Focus Group on Zoom to debrief and discuss any concerns or adjustments needed  

Week 3:
You host your own in-person practica by following up on the homework so you have structure and action items to stay motivated and avoid getting distracted

Week 4:
Meet again with your Focus Group peers to debrief and exchange notes on what worked and didn’t work


After completing a Focus Group, you are eligible to join Mastery League, our VIP membership that includes Momentum and where you get ongoing private and small-group coaching on Momentum themes as well as whatever your personal WCS goals may be.


A local pro may know you and be able to provide great advice, but M&T's program with the ability to codify and measure your improvement using carefully detailed rubrics and lay down multiple step-by-step paths for improvement help you to feel like you are in control of your improvement, that you can walk the path and not feel like you are simply going to a miracle worker, AND understand why and how they are doing so all while at the same time getting the same benefits that a private lesson might provide - it really is leaps and bounds more beneficial beyond an average private lesson.

Kanit Dararutana


I joined Focus Group because I wanted to level up my dance. When I started, it was really hard to watch myself on video. I had quite a few strongly-programmed bad habits, and they showed up in just about every dance. In the Focus Group, little by little, I replaced them with new ones.Each week we'd start with positive feedback, because it’s so hard to recognize improvement on one's own, especially while watching all the other things that are still not working! Can you relate?As the weeks progressed I got more consistent about lateral compression, which was a game changer. I began to relax, and eventually to add interest here and there to the dance. Leaders noticed. Advanced dancers started asking me to dance – and more recently for a second dance. This was exactly what the Focus Group promised.Compared to my videos of 6 months ago, I feel like I’m on a completely different planet!If you want to be more magnetic and musical in your dance, Focus Group is the way to go.

Pat LaDouceur

“Finally cracked the glass ceiling”


Since working with Myles & Tessa in my Fast Track Coaching program, I feel like I have cracked a "glass ceiling" that until now was unavailable to me. I feel much more confident in my ability to follow higher level dancers, I move more gracefully and interpret the music more creatively. I'm enjoying my dancing more than ever and see this enjoyment reflected back to my from my partner on the dance floor.

Ruth Cnaany


I think the bootcamp was very accelerated and already provided great feedback, but with Focus Group we were able to go farther into areas we were really interested in that were not covered in bootcamp, thus able to personally develop on things we really wanted to improve which helps us to REALLY feel great about our dancing. Plus, really being able to see our start/end graphic results helps solidify the idea that we improved and which areas we need to focus on going forward.

Kanit Dararutana


...Having a stable of keen & trained practice partners you can choose from

...Feeling a sense of belonging with a group with similar goals

...Respecting each others' perspectives and being able to grow by sharing feedback in a healthy way

...Cheering each other on as you make new discoveries  and feel the improvement in your social dancing

...Being able to access higher level skills because your practicing has helped you retain and myelinate so much more

What difference can it make?

Veteran Momie and Focus Groupie Sarah Rempel (Stiltskin) shares about the difference Focus Group made for her.

Sarah is now a member of Mastery League, our VIP membership that you can graduate to after Focus Group.



For one OR two people!

IF you already have a buddy you organize with, you can include them in your registration so you can join in all the calls and plan together. 

This Focus Group will pay for itself!

Example: If you can recruit 10 dancers to participate in the practica you host, and charge $10 each, you will already have recouped  $400 of your tuition by the end of the Focus Group!

We'll show you how to continue to make the Practica financially sustainable.   


How much of a time commitment will it take?

Besides the schedule above, you will not need more than one hour per week to complete your planning homework tasks.  

Can I involve a partner? YES!

Since this is not a course or membership, and you are likely to have a buddy you are already either practicing with or organizing with, they can be included for the same price! No, they do not need to already be Swing Literacy trained.

When will the coaching calls be?

This is up to you as a group. We'll conduct a Doodle scheduling poll to find a time that works for everyone in your Focus Group. If necessary, we are prepared to offer 2 separate groups

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